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Picture taken at 17 months of age

Reg# 19502899

BCF Maverick F200 is very impressive, powerfully-made and eye-appealing. His sire is KCF Bennett Beef Bank C765 purchased from Knoll Crest Farms at Red House, VA. His dam BCF 7008 Annie A369 is one of the highest $B cows in our herd. A369 is sired by AAR TENX7997 SA out of a former BON VIEW DESIGN 1407 donor. BCF Maverick F200 blew the top off our ranch test, posting WWR of 112, YWR of 115, YSC of 40.2 cm, IMFR of 136 and REAR of 104. His carcass EPDs rank in the breed’s top 1% for MARB, 3% for CW and 35% for RE. Note his 140 YWT and 1.40 MARB EPDs. F200 records a top 1% EPD 3 times in $values rankings: 1% for $F/$128, 1% for $G/$91 and 1% for $B/$219. His combination of outstanding EPDs, leading genetics and tremendous muscle growth equals a very bright future in any breeding program.


Reg# 19397256

We are looking forward to seeing what Wilks Cavalry 9209 (AAA+*19397256) offspring will bring to our program. He has a long line of Who’s Who in his pedigree. His sire is WAR Calvary B063 Z044, a big EPD sire. His dam is FF Rita 5X88 of 3F21 Ten X, who is a direct daughter of the maternal powerhouse Friendship Farms donor Rita 3F21, who is a direct daughter of the Friendship Farms and Fairway donor Rita 9Q23. WC 9209 is a tremendous bull that combines an outstanding EPD profile, growth and carcass. He ranks in the breed’s top 4% of CW, top 3% for YW, top 2% for YH, MARB and $G, and top 1% for RADG, $F, $B and $C.




Reg# 19470351

Introducing Wilks Confidence Plus 8572 (AAA+*19470351). He is another new sire for us this year. He’s the right kind with his top production EPD profile. He ranks in the breed’s top 10% for WW and YW, and in the top 14% for Residual Average Daily Gain. Plus, he ranks in the top 5% for Heifer Pregnancy and MILK. We see super maternal value here. Backed by the powerful EXAR First Lady cow family with excellent production records, along with added fleshing ability and udder quality. Wilks Confidence Plus 8572’s overall performance and beef value are impressive. His $Values rank in the top 3% for $M, $W, $C and top 10% for $B and top 15% for $F and $G. Plus he has a solid EPD ranking for REA in the top 3%. He’s a move in the right direction for proven calving ease, growth, efficiency and profitability.



Picture taken at 15 months of age




Reg# 19435666

A tremendous young sire to move our program forward with top genetics and performance traits in growth, maternal and carcass values. Musgrave Nu-Clear 139-1786 is sired by Casino Bomber N33 and his dam is Prim Lassie 1786. On the maternal side, his granddam SCR Prim Lassie 80634 is a Pathfinder dam that holds a NR of 9@107. His dam holds a NR of 2@109. Musgrave Nu-Clear is very complete sire, thick, deep, clean-fronted, with performance, phenotype and EPDs that will stand the test of time and have long-term value.



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